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The Value of Friends
Family is family.
Friends are our only relationship of choice.
Discover WHY they are important to our health & well-being.

2019 at 1pm (CST)

July 31 Grandma Goes to Illinois
Aug. 28 Answers to life mysteries
Sept. 26 LIVE until You Die
Oct. 24 Words of Wisdom
Nov. 21 Success Through a Positive Attitude
Dec. 19 Expect the Unexpected

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Swedish Death Cleaning
"A loved one wishes to inherit NICE things from you; not ALL things from you." Give your family the gift of a clean, organized, & simple life. Join in the discussion as we learn how to downsize our lives in a memorable way. Learn about fun projects that you can begin at any age.

Cultural Diversity
For successful communication & relating to others globally - you'll want to be in the know.

Finding Your Zen
Need a time-out from your busy, chaotic life? Are you stressed to the max? Need to recharge your batteries? Join us for a discussion on simple, helpful ways to rekindle the light in your heart.
Regularly Scheduled Events
GAME TIME with Jeanne
Join us for some fun! Test your knowledge or learn a thing or two in these brain-teasing sessions.
1-2pm (CST)
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At time listed for the program, dial in from any phone...and enjoy. All calls are FREE!

2019 at 1pm

August 15 More Urban Myths  Are They True
September 12 How Well do you know the United States?
October 10 Globe Trotting moderate level
November 14 Dictionary
December 5 This, That, & Everything
Events Open to the Public

Jeanne, aka Grandma, was on the radio Monday, Feb. 18
WCMY 1430AM/ link to interview on Swedish Death Cleaning page

Grandma Goes to Antarctica:
This is the true story of a 57-year-old grandmother who was stationed in Antarctica for 5 months as a contract worker for the National Science Foundation. (NSF)

Grandma Goes to Hawaii (& Stays for 14 Years)
Grandma and her family leave the only neighborhood they have known to live on an island where they do not know anyone, do not have jobs, nor have their teenagers enrolled in school.
Why? Why not?

Travel the World
Continents, Countries, States & Islands we will visit:
Alaska, Antarctica, China, Mongolia, Siberia, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Tahiti, Moorea, Hao, Mangareva, Kamaka
appropriate for ages 4-104
Prairie Fox Bookstore
719 LaSalle St.
Ottawa, IL 61350
Aug. 17, 2019 noon-1pm

Grandma Goes to Antarctica
North Shore Senior Center (fee)
161 Northfield Rd.
Northfield, IL 60093
Sept. 5, 2019 at 10am

Cultural Diversity
Tinley Park Library
7851 Timber Dr.
Tinley Park, IL 60477
Oct. 7, 2019 at 7pm

Swedish Death Cleaning
Rolling Meadows Library
3110 Martin Lane
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
January 15, 2020 at 7pm

Cultural Diversity
Travel around the world with author, storyteller, & motivational speaker Jeanne Roppolo. View over 150 of her personal photos. Broaden your knowledge & understanding of our fellow human beings as we peer into various traditions & find our common ground.

The Trans-Siberian Railway Journey
Discover the ultimate in train travel! Accompany Jeanne Roppolo, raconteur & photo journalist, on a grand Road Scholar adventure as she rides the rails 5,000 miles through China, Mongolia, Siberia & Russia.

Swedish Death Cleaning
Learn about fun projects that you can begin at any age. By sharing a joyful walk down memory lane, your family will better understand the era in which you lived & loved. Make history go from a boring school subject to your family saga enriching future generations.